About Big Little Amsterdam

Big Little Amsterdam’s high-end services create avant-garde and exceptional experiences in Amsterdam. By using our extended network and our own expertise we will open every door in Amsterdam for you! Big Little Amsterdam’s founder Jorna Wierts grew up in the Amsterdam neighbourhood ‘West’ and is a true ‘Amsterdammer’. She loves to entertain and has gained many work experience in different [entertainment] industries. This is how she build her network for Big Little Amsterdam; ‘we have a foot in the door of Amsterdam’s most exclusive places’.

Personal focus & service

Big Little Amsterdam separates itself by offering a personal focus and service. We understand how hard it is to make choices in Amsterdam, since it has so much to offer! You would love to see the high lights of Amsterdam, but you want to discover the hidden gems too. Big Little Amsterdam makes sure you will get to see the best of both worlds of Amsterdam. We will create a personal program for you, highlighting your personal wishes and interests. This way you and your company can experience Amsterdam in your own personal way.